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Menzies - 2019 #shoWcAse in Pixels

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Formerly known as the Banners in the Terrace Competition, the annual exhibition of artworks from Local Governments throughout Western Australia will be displayed in a new format and venue during 2019. Previously, artworks in the form of physical banners were hung along St Georges and Adelaide Terrace in the Perth CBD. In 2019, WALGA has had the opportunity to display digital artwork designs on the 45-metre high tower at Yagan Square in the city of Perth. This new format of display means that this years participants can explore a variety of mediums.

In 2019 the Pioneer Store Gallery was approached by the Shire of Menzies to create a banner for this competition and we also recruited one of our very talented local high school students to help create this artwork.

Shire of Menzies Banner- 2019
Shire of Menzies banner 2019 painted by local high school student Teniel Harris & local artist Iona Sheehan-Lee

This banner was inspired by an artwork created by local high school student Teniel Harris who also helped to paint this work. The original artwork created by Teniel titled, Meeting Places brings together both natural and human built spaces displaying cultural and historical connections. The medium used to create this banner is acrylic paint on canvas. In the initial stages of developing the design for this banner we aimed to create something that was vibrant and displayed a clear connection between the defining elements within the artwork. We chose to maintain this theme of cultural and historical connection on the banner by displaying the historic Town Hall in Menzies and the famous statues on Lake Ballard. In the other spaces of the banner we painted a set of honey ants and geckos to display a connection with nature and continue the theme of culture. Connecting all of these larger circles are small dots to represent how we are all connected by our history, culture and the environment around us.

In 2019 the banners will be displayed in Yagan Square in Perth from  Monday, 29 July to Sunday, 18 August 2019 & the physical banner is currently on display in the Shire of Menzies Town Hall.

See below some more photos of the banner throughout the painting process:

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