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Sethen Sheehan-Lee: Emerging Photographer

Distance has not stopped this young person from pursuing their passion of photography. Sethen Sheehan-Lee is a young emerging photographer in our local community. He has had the opportunity photographed some on the world's most popular bands whilst living in the small remote town of Menzies, Western Australia. Over the past two years Sethen's passion has proven that no matter where you live there are always opportunities to do amazing things.

Sethen Sheehan-Lee moved to Menzies with his mother, father and sister over 10 years ago. Over time he started to develop an interest in photography start small and simple with a basic camera and began to invest in it more as time went on. Over the last two years Sethen has been doing photography in the of hope of developing a professional career, specifically in live music photography. To photograph shows he has to make the long trek to the states capital of Perth which is about 700km from Menzies. So far with his photography he has manged to shoot quite a few famous acts and bands over the years such as 5 Seconds of Summer and Fall Out Boy being his most notable, as well as photographing several local Perth bands. Though out at Menzies there are limited live music events his focus tends to be on photographing the local landscape.

After completing year 12 at Menzies Community School during 2018 his aim for 2019 is to take a gap year and during this year he hopes to be able to dedicate more time to his photography and creating more works for the gallery.

A Self Portrait by Sethen Sheehan-Lee

Sethen Sheeehan-Lee has been contributing works to the gallery since its opening in 2017, one of his most popular works is Keep Left (see below). In this shot he has captured the main street of Menzies during a quiet evening.

Keep Left Photograph
Keep Left By Sethen Sheehan-Lee

Sethen's photographs are available in-store and online.

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