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Shining a Light on Local Art

One of the most important interior aspects of a gallery besides art is to have good lighting, this is to showcase the works and to set a mood within the space. Since the Pioneer Store Gallery's opening in September 2017 we have had old fluorescent lights which were installed back in the 1980s when the building was used as a general store & post office. Though these old lights they did illuminate the space they did little to show off the artworks and help in setting a mood within the gallery.

Pioneer Store Gallery Interior
The Pioneer Store Gallery Lighting Before. Photograph: Sethen Sheehan-Lee

Since the beginning it has been a goal to get professional track lighting installed in the gallery. After doing a great deal of research we came to find that getting good quality track lighting unfortunately didn't come cheap. For us as a recently established  small gallery in a remote community gaining the funds for these by ourselves wouldn't be easy. We ended up doing a lot more research and decided that going up for grant funding would be a good way to be able to achieve our goal.

During 2018 we applied for grant funding through the Minara Community Foundation to assist in the purchase and instillation of these track lights. We found the grant a week before the submission date was due and getting everything together before the due date at the end of that week was pretty stressful. At the end of the process it was great to find out that our grant submission had been successful and we were finally getting the track lights.

We ordered our track lights from LED World, which is an Australian company based over on the east coast. When everything was finalized the track lights were delivered relatively quickly to our location which is about 700km from Perth. Typically you can expect even small parcels from the east cost to sometimes take about two weeks to get to Menzies but surprisingly it arrived in about a week.

As a small gallery that aims to promote the works of our local artists its incredibly important to be able to do justice to the artworks in the way they are displayed as this is not only an extension of the artists expression but a representation of our community.

We would like to thank the Minara Community Foundation for awarding us this grant funding, this will be greatly appreciated for many years to come. We would also like to thank LED World for supplying us with a great product as well as Andy & Dan from Amps 'N' Volts for installing our lights.

Check out our track light image gallery below:

Gallery Interior with new track lighting
Pioneer Store Gallery After. Photograph: Sethen Sheehan -Lee

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