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Teniel Harris: Meeting Places Art Series

*Due to the restrictions surrounding non-essential businesses during the Covid-19 health issue we have had to create a virtual art series release. Check out our social media pages for additional content.*

Teniel Harris is an emerging artist from the Menzies community and is debuting her first collection of works in the Pioneer Store Gallery. The Meeting Places series displays a collection of works Teniel has created over the past six months at the Pioneer Store Gallery through her work experience. This exhibition displays Teniel's connection to her culture being an young Wongutha woman allowing the viewer to gaze into the life of a young adult in a remote community.

The main themes that Teniel has chosen to highlight through this series of artworks is her connection to culture and her impressions of the landscape around her. Several of her artworks depict the landscape around Menzies and some of the wildlife that you would typically find in this area. Throughout all her artworks she combines contemporary aboriginal art styles with realistic landscapes and figures. She has creating a range of ornamental artworks that have incredible depth of detail with the use of fine dots and a kaleidoscopic color scheme.

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Take a closer look at Meeting Places art series below:

Sunset Reflecting off Lake

The artwork Sunset Reflecting off Lake is based on a lake located south of Menzies. In this artwork Teniel used the currently popular style of the acrylic pour method to create vibrant rings of colour to mimicking the ripples of water on a lake. Through using this method Teniel was also able to capture how the lake would look from a birds eye view showing how water flows into the lake from surrounding creeks.


Framed acrylic on board


Meeting Places

Meeting Places is the featured artwork in this art series highlighting some of the iconic landscape and animals found around Menzies. In both the top and bottom sections of the painting Teniel showed off the world famous Lake Ballard and in the bottom section she chose to paint some classic Australian outback scenery. Commanding both the left and right had side of the painting are two busts of an emu and kangaroo. This artwork is a classic example of how Teniel has mixed both realism and aboriginal dot painting styles showing her connection to the land and her culture. The dot painted symbols used between each of the prominent landscape and animal sections of the artwork represent camps or meeting places. These dots show the tracks or the journey to the places shown in the artwork.


Framed acrylic on board


Snake Lino Cut Print

The Snake Lino-cut was one of the first artworks created for the Meeting Places art series. For this lino cut artwork Teniel chose to take inspiration from the x-ray style of aboriginal art showing an interpretation of the inside of a snake. In this artwork she depicts the snake laying on a sandy desert floor, inside the snake there are different compartments where she has shown the snake’s skeleton, snake eggs and a small lizard skeleton.


Framed lino-cut print - limited edition of 4


Limited Edition Eagle T-Shirts

These limited edition t-shirts were both designed and dyed by the artist here in Menzies. Yet again Teniel has chosen to highlight the local wildlife this time choosing the elusive Eagle. The initial design was created through digital media with the design be drawn on an iPad before being able to be transformed into a physical print design. The digital design was them burnt onto a silk screen and then printed on Teniel’s own custom tie dyed shirts. In this design the eagle sits as the main focus with a ring of circles and dots representing the sun and sky. The cross hatched design that leads away from the sun represent the way eagles are free to travel throughout the country.

Small & Large Sizes Available

Screen printed t-shirts – limited edition of 2


Rainbow Bird

The Rainbow Bird is was inspired by a particular bird that is seen in Menzies after rain. This sculpture was created using air-dry clay and was hand sculptured by the artist. Teniel chose this bird because it is one of the birds seen around Menzies after rain representing the rejuvenation of the landscape. This bird represents how drastically the land can change creating new vibrancy and life, turning what was red dirt to a lush green landscape.


Acrylic on clay mounted on board


Rock Hole

This Rock Hole was created using the same acrylic pour method as the Sunset Reflecting off Lake artwork. In various locations around Menzies there are sets of rock holes that are not only a water source but hold great cultural significance to the local Wongutha people. Sets of rock holes found around Menzies link with the Seven Sisters dream time story and mark the locations of where they would have camped whilst traveling through the Menzies area.


Acrylic on canvas


Teniel Harris & Iona Sheehan-Lee Collaboration Banner

This banner was inspired by the Meeting Places artwork created by Teniel Harris who worked on this banner with Iona Sheehan-Lee. The original artwork created by Teniel titled, Meeting Places brings together both natural and human built spaces displaying cultural and historical connections. The medium used to create this banner is acrylic paint on canvas. In the initial stages of developing the design for this banner we aimed to create something that was vibrant and displayed a clear connection between the defining elements within the artwork. We chose to maintain this theme of cultural and historical connection on the banner by displaying the historic Town Hall in Menzies and the famous statues on Lake Ballard. In the other spaces of the banner we painted a set of honey ants and geckos to display a connection with nature and continue the theme of culture. Connecting all of these larger circles are small dots to represent how we are all connected by our history, culture and the environment around us.

All artworks are available in-store and online. Due to some items being larger extra postage costs has been calculated into the sale price.

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